Rose Turns One

Morning Coffee 31: November 14th, 2022

This last week was very eventful: 12 hours to Missouri, 12 hours back, with lots of fun in between. Got home to a fair, a birthday party, Ragnarok, Black Panther, and church. Now I’m here at the coffee shop writing about my baby. Let’s begin.

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  1. Rose Turns One

The Box

Rose Turns One

I’m trying not to miss a moment, but it’s an impossible task. Watching her evolve each day is the best gift this world has ever given me.

Her hair is getting longer. Her babbling is becoming clearer. Her walk is a little less shaky. When she laughs, a few teeth are now showing: two at the bottom middle, and two at the top, on opposite sides, with a space in the middle, like fangs.

I keep practicing waving bye with her, to teach her the fundamentals of being a human. She usually just stares blankly at the person I’m waving to. But sometimes, when someone’s walking out the door, her hand starts slowly opening and closing, as her mind is processing what we practiced.

At 36, I’ve seen and done so much in my life already, but nothing is like having a daughter. I struggle to explain it, and I don’t even try to. I just keep living it, in the moment, not taking a second for granted.

See you next week!

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