2021’s Only Recording

2021’s Only Recording: The Glorious Moon

The Loop Series

The Loop Series: The Loop (2017), Invisible Man (2018), How We See the World (2019), Chasing My Ghost (2020)

2015 and 2016 Albums: Pilot, Side B, the Land of Unfamiliar, and the Hero Dies


Year Name
2023 NOMAD
2020 When The Satellite Fell
2020 The Illusion of Progress
2020 Chasing My Ghost
2019 How We See The World
2018 Invisible Man
2017 The Loop
2016 Pilot
2016 The Land of Unfamiliar
2016 The Mask (Side B)
2015 The Mask
2015 The Hero Dies
2014 Learning to Fly
2014 For My Brother
2013 PlasticSky
2013 The Art of Storytelling
2012 Landing Gear
2010 The Lighthouse
2010 The Great Escape
2008 NASHP & D-Low Show
2008 Circle of Success
2007 The Science Project
2006 One Man Army
2005 Triple Threat
2005 Spotlight Kid
2005 Underground Vol. 2
2004 Blast From The Past
2003 Underground Vol. 1


Going Live a Few Times a Week. Rose Turned One. Writing a Weekly Newsletter Every Monday Morning. Bought a Camera. Got Married and Have a Video to Prove It. Lost Our Husky. Last Updated: December 2nd, 2022.

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