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Network 33

Week 33 of the year. Last updated 08/18/17. Here’s what I found on Twitter (@nashp).


Even though it’s week 33 of year, this is week 1 of Network. Simplifying my site with one post a week with what I find on the web. Each Network will be updated all week until the next week starts up. Let’s begin.


This is good. A behind the scenes look at Ben’s subscription for his site.


I love this song so much. It’s powerful. So is this video. If I could only have one wish in my entire life, it would be to help someone who thinks that suicide is the answer. It’s never the answer. I wrote this recently:

No matter how hard it gets, don’t give up. The world needs you. Your family needs you. You’re loved and wanted by so many. Through all the noise, just know that, you’re important to us. Keep fighting until you become the story that helps others. Use your climb as a testimony to save someone else. Pay it forward.


I enjoyed this show much more than I thought I would. I could relate to Sam in many ways (it even made me worry for a second). 30-minute long episodes, only 8 episodes, and yet I feel like I really know these people. Cool feeling.

Year Progress

This year is flying by. It’s been a roller coaster. Good, bad, good, productive, lazy, productive. Every month has been different, and I’ve just been rolling with the punches. Definitely a year of growth.

Daring Fireball

If you enjoy Apple, then you should be following Daring Fireball daily. My favorite writer on the web. His site just made 15 years. Cheers.


Vice released a video that documented what happened in Charlottesville as it was happening. The world we live in is scary. Every person in this video feels like their point is valid. That’s what scares me.

Jay Z Video

New Jay video almost every week for months. I like this. He’s even doing videos for the bonus songs on the album. They start on Tidal, and then a week later, they’re on YouTube. Nice attempt to get people onto Tidal. It’s not working though.


Wade and the Bulls are working on a buyout. I expect him to be a Rocket once that happens.


Red X’s. Everywhere.


I’m reflecting on how much I’ve restructured the site: it might look the same, but the way I approach each piece of content has changed drastically. I’m not just throwing things against the wall anymore, everything (from songs I record, to the little nuggets of info I find on the web) serves a purpose now.

  • The Loop is a new song from me every day, until we reach 360.
  • Network is a weekly log of content I find on the web.
  • Morning Coffee arrives in your inbox weekly. It has every blog post from the previous week. Some people only follow my site through this.

Work Ethic

Day 4 from The Loop.

The Power of iPad and iOS 11

Apple just released some videos explaining what’s coming in iOS 11. It’s game changing.







The most effective way to do it, is to do it. —Amelia Earhart

I’m Co-Leading Two Small Groups (Fall 2017)

  • Teach Me How To Doodle (And Dinner): Every other Sunday, a group of us will be getting together to cook dinner (Heather) and attempt to doodle (me). Join here.

  • No Tellin’ Tuesdays: Me and my friend Janea will be leading a group on Tuesdays. We couldn’t decide on one thing to do, so we’re doing everything. Zoo, camping, picnics? No tellin’. Join here.

The Loop: New Songs Daily

The goal is 360 songs: a song arrives every day until we complete the loop. This is a progressive way for me to share my thoughts. It’s also a podcast feed, so it’s easy to follow along (this Overcast link, along with the app, is an easy way to subscribe. Apple also makes a podcast app. With an app you’ll get notified the second it’s uploaded each day).

The Black Keys, An Old Speaker, and The Future (an Amazon Echo Dot Review)

It woke me up at 5am this morning. As I climbed out of bed, I said, Alexa, play The Black Keys Radio.” I started making my bed with music playing low in the background. Before showering, I grabbed my 7 year old bluetooth speaker and turned it on. The Echo Dot instantly connected to the speaker, and The Black Keys was jamming in the bathroom. When it was time to leave for work, I turned off the old bluetooth speaker, and the music continued playing low on the Echo Dot, right above the headboard of my bed. I left for work.

I just came home for lunch, and The Black Keys was still playing in the bedroom, as background noise. I preheated the oven, put the pizza inside, and then told Alexa to set a 15 minute timer. I turned on the little old bluetooth speaker, The Black was jamming again, as I washed dishes. Before finishing the last dish, the timer went off. I dried my hands, and pulled the pizza out of the oven. The music continued. I’ll be leaving for work in a few minutes, and The Black Keys will still be performing all of their songs, as they wait for me to return home.

As soon as you truly commit to making something happen, the how’ will reveal itself. — Tony Robbins

Ulysses Is Switching To Subscription

I use this app every day to write, so without a doubt, I’m signing up. My blog is ran through this app, and all the books I’m attempting to write, are organized in here as well. The app is free to try now too, unlike before, so I recommend giving it a try.


I’m writing to clarify how I view the NBA, which is less of a fandom now, and more of an obsession. Each team that I’ve become a fan of, I obsess over every little detail. And thanks to NBA League Pass, I get to watch many teams, and more importantly, I’m not limited to just the local team (Being forced to be a fan of whatever the local team is, seems to be backwards thinking, and limiting ourselves to the broad range of the global society we have with the internet. Nothing is local anymore, unless you want it to be. I prefer to follow things all around the world).

If it hasn’t been clear who I’m a fan of in the NBA, just search my site to see. Spoiler: it’s Chris Paul. Chris Paul has only been on two teams in his NBA career (Hornets and Clippers), and now three with this upcoming season (Rockets). When Paul left the Hornets, I stopped watched them. When Paul was hurt on the Hornets, I didn’t watch them until he came back. Same for the Clippers. I don’t bounce around to whatever team is winning at the time. I simply follow Chris Paul.

Besides Chris Paul, I was a fan Iverson with the Sixers (Claxton, Hill, Snow, Mutumbo), and I was a fan of the Kings (Webber, Bibby, Peja, Divac, Jackson years). Before that, I was a fan of Michael Jordan. I was too young to understand all the details, but I remember staring at the television while the other kids in the house were doing kids things.

I never got the chance to watch Magic, Bird, Dr. J, Wilkins and all the legends play night after night. If I could’ve, I’m sure I’d obsess over a specific player the same way I do Paul. We have the luxury of following these athletes better than ever. I can stay in the comfort of my home and never miss a CP3 play, and since he’s been in the league, I’ve done just that. Never. Missed. A. Play. True definition of an obsession. If I can go back in time, I would do the same with Michael Jordan, John Stockton, and Steve Nash.

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