Pete and Sudi: Rekindling Lost Relationships

It’s been 12 years since I last seen my aunt and uncle. Time moves fast: years slip by, and then a decade—and then one day you wake up missing someone, wondering how did that much time get in the way of your relationship.

Last night, I surprised My Uncle Pete and my Aunt Sudi while they were performing at The Jolly In. They were both in awe to see me, and our conversations were effortless. It’ll be a night I never forget, and I believe we’ll now have a thriving relationship.

If there’s someone in your life that you’ve lost touch with, reach out to them before it’s too late.

Back to Dropbox: Organizing My Digital Files

I tried to move on from Dropbox, hopefully simplifying what services I use: since I already use iCloud for photos and certain apps on my phone, I thought I could get by with using iCloud to replace Dropbox too, this was a huge mistake. iCloud Drive is nowhere near ready for this type of task, maybe for some people, who don’t have many files to store, but for me, it caused confusion and clutter, and completely went against what I was aiming for. So, I went back to Dropbox, and I’m excited to have all of my files organized again, even more organized than before I left, since I’ve learned more about what works and what doesn’t.

J. Cole - Eyez (40-Minute Documentary)

Seth Kelley:

Cole dropped the 40-minute, non-narrated documentary Eyez” ahead of the album to give a look at Cole’s musical process and his life over the past two years. It starts with an opening scene in New York’s Electric Lady Studios where a violinist is working out a lick. Later the footages shows Cole having a conversation about music theory in which he expresses frustration that there are rules in place to label every musical decision

Here’s a Dropbox link to the documentary.

Clippers vs Warriors, Tonight on ESPN

Tonight is a big game against the Warriors. It’s the first time the two teams play this year. The Warriors are 18-3, and the Clippers are 16-6. A little over a week ago, we were the best team in the league, getting off to the best start in Clipper history. Since then though, we’ve come back down to Earth, while the Warriors are starting to fire on all cylinders (two nights ago, Klay Thompson scored 60 points in only 29 minutes).

We’re only 22 games into the season, so this game is nothing more than a measuring stick for where each team is currently at, and no matter who wins, it doesn’t determine anything going forward—that’s the tricky thing about NBA regular season games—but these teams hate each other, and anytime they go head-to-head, it’s sure to be pure entertainment.

And as always, I like our chances.

NASHP - Wheels Up (Music Video)

iPad Only

Matt Gemmell is a writer that I look up to, and when I found out that he’s going iPad only, I was fascinated. He has a series of posts on his site, documenting this transition.

Gemmell, Lifting the Mouse:

What made me buy into the iPad as a full-time actual computer is that it doesn’t just agree with a feeling I think I’ve always had; it does something about it. It’s a device that was designed this millennium, and it looks and acts and feels like it. It gives me hope — and asks for surprisingly little in return.

I can remember a year ago, when I first purchased my iPad Pro, I wanted to be an iPad Only” user. It seemed possible, but still too far away—but now, as I reflect on that specific moment, it’s not a desire anymore. The iPad is my daily driver. It’s the computer I use 99% of the time. I own a Mac mini, but it’s only used a handful of times throughout a month, if that (it doesn’t even have a screen hooked up to it anymore; I log in to it from the iPad).

Gemmell, Month One:

With the iPad, I feel like I can always find a way to use it for something. Putting pieces together, and chaining often-simpler blocks into fully-understood workflows. I use more apps during the day on my iPad, but I have less of a sense of redundancy.

Some see an iPad as a limitation, but ironically, I’ve never felt this free before. This is the most powerful, versatile, and inspiring computer I’ve ever owned. Whoever I want to be, on that specific day, the iPad shape-shifts into that tool. Whether I’m dealing with audio recordings, family pictures, or just text, the iPad, combined with a specific app, allows me to enhance the world around me. And as I look back at my website during this past year, it’s no wonder I’ve grown as a writer, with both quantity and quality. All the crap that is known as a computer has been removed from my life, and all that’s left is a blank canvas to create.

Writing and Planning (12/5/16)

It’s been over a month since I did one of these, and it shows, because there’s many areas of my life that are showing cracks. These weekly planning sessions always help me clean out the junk in my mind. By writing it down, I get a visualization of what’s going on up there. So as I sit down at Downtown Jeaux, listening to Awaken, My Love!, I’ll get a better idea of what’s coming up.

The first thing I needed to do was count all the loose cash I had in my backpack. Roommate (brother) has been giving me money for bills, and I’ve been throwing it in my bag and paying the bill online. Now that I know how much cash I have, I can subtract that amount from the cost of the rent and pull the rest out of the ATM, and then pay the landlord.

Next, I went to (my bank account) and looked at what I’ve been up to, to make sure all of my bills are accounted for, and that I’m not over-spending. With all the traveling I’ve been doing lately, it’s easy to lose track of my budget.

Afterwards, I went into OmniFocus to plan out all my tasks, goals, and everything that I want my future self to look like. I checked off everything that was complete, deleted projects that were no longer relevant, and then I opened up the inbox and did a brain-dump, letting go of every thought, and leaving it all in the inbox. I’ll organize those later, with due dates, and filing them away in the proper category.

Today’s Agenda

  • Wash clothes
  • Go to Downtown Jeaux
  • Give the first Jacket Mission posters
  • Update Now section of site
  • Budget bills
  • Work in OmniFocus

Tomorrow’s Agenda

  • Go to bank
  • Pay rent
  • Get haircut

Upcoming Agenda

  • Creative Minds Finale (12/10)
  • Cross Church Banquet (12/11)
  • Christmas (12/25)

The Outline

Josh Topolsky:

Welcome to The Outline, a new kind of publication for a new kind of human. We made this thing because we believe that the right story told in the right way can change someone’s life. But telling the right stories for right now — and telling them in a way that’s meaningful and modern — isn’t going to happen by itself. We have to make it happen. No one else can do it for us. So we’re doing it.

The Outline is a fascinating website that launched today. Nothing about it is traditional, and the world is a better place now because of it.

Morning Coffee: a weekly newsletter

I was manually doing weekly recaps for awhile, and people were really enjoying them, but it was double-working me—so I automated the process. Now, every Monday morning, you’ll get an email with everything I’ve created since the previous Monday. It’ll be short and simple, and built so that you can experience my website through just these emails.

If you’re email address isn’t on the list yet, sign up here.

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