iPhone Home Screen (April 2017)

I have a new way of organizing the apps on my iPhone.

  • I’m only using one screen of apps, with all of my most used ones in a preferred order.

  • The last row is left empty for spacing and a clean look.

  • Two folders are at the top-left of the screen: one named Apple”, for the preinstalled apps, and one named Side-B”, for all the other apps that I’ve download. I organize both folders in the order of most used apps.


People believe, thought Shadow. It’s what people do. They believe, and then they do not take responsibility for their beliefs; they conjure things, and do not trust the conjuration. People populate the darkness; with ghosts, with gods, with electrons, with tales. People imagine, and people believe; and it is that rock solid belief, that makes things happen.

Getting Rid of Home Internet

A few weeks ago, I decided to get rid of my Charter internet at home. This is the first time in over a decade that I haven’t needed it. Thanks to my unlimited data on my iPad Pro (and the option to turn it into a hotspot if need be), I’m able to get by with just cellular LTE. I find this little milestone fascinating.

If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud. — Emile Zola

Cross Church Notes - Living The Dream

Week 1

  • Daniel 1:1

Daniel: Hebrew name - God is my judge”

When culture shifts:

  1. It will try to rename you.
  2. It will try to tame you.
  3. It will try to claim you.

When culture shifts, you better know who you are.

Will I change the world or will the world change me?

Will my identity come from God or from the world?

Krypton (Trailer)

David Goyer, the writer of The Dark Knight and Man of Steel, brings you Krypton, a series that takes place 200 years before Man of Steel.

Joey Paur:

Krypton will center around Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El, who is played by Cameron Cuffe. It takes place in a time when the House of El was shamed and ostracized and Seg-El is looking to bring hope and equality to Krypton, turning a planet in disarray into one worthy of giving birth to the greatest Super Hero ever known.

Kendrick Lamar - DNA (Video)

What reviewers are saying about Kendrick’s new album

Christine Clarke, writing for NOW Magazine:

Countless rappers claim to have transcended the game. Kendrick Lamar actually does. There’s the sense his ambitions on DAMN. are even larger, reaching toward something more universal, fateful even spiritual in its reach to find the link tying all contradictions together.

Neil McCormick, writing for The Telegraph:

From DNAs punchy electro mantra about identity to LOVEs tender sing-song reggae pop meditation on fickle emotions, DAMN is an album of surface sheen and hidden depths, where words and music operate in beautiful synchronicity, a constantly unfolding dance that lends each new approach a sense of investigation and revelation. It is dazzling.

Last updated: 04/18/17

Nobody: a poem

Stranger to stranger, the differences are small. Love, pain, anger, and fear, I want it all. Nobody. Capturing a smile, and documenting the hurt. My observations become obsessions, I make it work.

I care about you, but I barely know you, is that enough? A scavenger hunt, finding you, that diamond in the rough. A blank face (nobody), replaced with yours, when we’re acquainted. Your eyes tell a story of redemption, we see you’ve made it. Memories is all we have, silhouettes, they disappear. In exchange for somebody that’s here. Embrace fear.

A friendship, endearment, what you’re hearing is a poem. Nobody. When the story becomes you, and you are someone that’s so important. You bring clarity to the distortion. A small portion.

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