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Win The Day

I wrote this in my email and then Facebook this morning:

I’ve been awake since 3am. I started with coffee and podcasts, and then I began making my bed and washing clothes. I then posted my daily Loop song. And then I went for a run. It was 2.5 miles, which turns out to be the exact distance to my job and back. I’ll use that 2.5 number as a goal to win every morning. I can’t let the previous day beat me in time.

How are you winning your day? What are some good morning habits that I should pick up?

Winning the day truly feels possible when you wake up early enough. Feels impossible to be beat by anything when you do this. Some days are harder to wake up than others, but I’m learning how to overcome this. As soon as I become conscious, I get up. If I get up right away, I’m excited about my coffee, releasing a song, and making my bed. Those three things keep me focused. Oh, and putting my shoes on. I feel like once your shoes are on, the day has started. No turning back (unless you take them off and jump back in bed).


It started with this incredible Momentous Trailer.

I’ve played this trailer twenty times already. I had to do some digging, though, to figure out who actually sings the song in the background. Turns out it’s Ekali.

This song is pure motivation.

Cellular Apple Watch

I just ordered the new cellular Apple Watch. For my lifestyle, this is a game changer. For over two years now, my Apple Watch has been the first thing I grab and put on as soon as I wake up.

  • For health: tracking movement and monitoring heart rate.

  • For communication: messages and calls.

  • For time management: calendar and todo lists.

A combination of being connected while still being focused on the environment around me, changes the way I think about technology. I want all of this information constantly, but I want it to compliment my day, not interrupt it. That’s what the Apple Watch does. I always keep it silent, so it taps me on the wrist with information, and I respond to that tap whenever I’m ready.

With a cellular Apple Watch, I could go to the gym, or go for a walk around the city, or run errands around town, without the need to bring my phone with me. Just the Watch and my AirPods.

  • Phone calls and Apple Music will go directly to my ear, without me ever having to reach for a phone.

  • Siri will always be a command away (and because of the W3 chip inside of this new Watch, Siri actually speaks out loud again).

  • Maps and directions would all happen from my wrist.

More than anything, though, the chains of technology are now broken off. I don’t have to hold a gadget to get an incredible amount of information, it’s now always a glance away.