The Loop (New Songs Daily): The goal is 360 songs: a song arrives every day until we complete the loop. This is a progressive way for me to share my thoughts. It’s also a podcast feed, so it’s easy to follow along.

Recent Albums (Patrons Only)

Pilot: What was meant to be an epic journey for our protagonist and his heroic plan, turned out to be an unfinished story—it’s as if he crashed before reaching his destination. There’s only glimpses of his grand scheme throughout the wreckage and debris.

The Land of Unfamiliar: There’s an ongoing theme throughout these 8 songs. Things are happening. My surroundings are different. My perspective has changed. The people around me have changed. Even with all that I know, there are still so many unanswered questions. This is The Land of Unfamiliar.

The Mask: The Mask is a blanket that shields us from our insecurities. It disguises our worst flaws and attributes from even the people that love us most. The Mask is our protection, and when it’s removed, we’re completely vulnerable. The Mask allows us to have multiple identies. This gives us the advantage of using whatever face society’s willing to accept. The question I ask myself: is the mask protecting me from the world, or is it protecting the world from me?

The Hero Dies: The Hero Dies is about several things. First, and most importantly, it’s about Carol, my grandmother, who passed away last year. I dedicate this project to her life and the beautiful memories we’ve shared together. It’s also about a warrior, or a writer, or someone attempting to change the world.

PlasticSky: In 2012, I wrote an album. I called it PlasticSky. It’s only 10 songs, but those 10 songs changed my life. Each song is completely different from the next one, but together, all 10 deliver a very visual and big sound. Like a movie, weaving in and out scenes, my only goal was to capture a vision, and allow the listener to join me in this vision, as we explore the world of PlasticSky.

Learning to Fly: An album about growth and understanding. The more I learn, the more I realize what I don’t know. It’s the flaws in my daily life that help me realize that perfection isn’t the end goal, but instead, not letting those flaws hold me back from success. I’ve learned to overcome my shortcomings and let them become the attributes that set me apart from my competition. Just fly.

For My Brother: This is the tale of two brothers. One brother somehow caught many breaks, and life simply drifted by for him. But for the other brother, nothing came easy. Life was dark and complicated. A good day for him was the ones that he couldn’t remember. All of the other days—the ones that were gloomy—are broken down into these three songs.

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