Leon Bridges - River (Video)

Been travelling these wide roads for so long. My heart’s been far from you. 10,000 miles gone. I wanna come near and give you every part of me, but there is blood on my hands, and my lips are unclean. In my darkness I remember Momma’s word reoccur to me: Surrender to the good Lord, and he’ll wipe your slate clean.” Take me to your river.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman

Hilary Lewis:

David Letterman has amassed an all-star roster of guests for his Netflix talk show series, titled My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.

The 60-minute show will stream monthly with the first episode launching on Friday, Jan. 12 and the additional five episodes streaming, one a month, after that.

Letterman will kick off the series with a chat with Barack Obama, serving as the former president’s first talk show appearance since leaving office.

Other guests set for Letterman’s series are George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, Jay-Z, Tina Fey and Howard Stern.

Really looking forward to this.

Breath of the Wild

Matt Gemmell:

The game is about the large forces of destiny and time, but at a human scale, where we’re dwarfed by responsibilities that initially feel unshoulderable. It’s about vulnerability and unpreparedness, and learning that the universe doesn’t care whether we survive. It’s about that sense of being thrown into a world that, by and large, isn’t waiting for your arrival; it’s already in progress, dangerous, and not built in your favour. And ultimately, it’s about mastery of your environment, and of course your fate, against the odds.

Start small, start now

Seth Godin:

This is much better than, start big, start later.” One advantage is that you don’t have to start perfect. You can merely start.

Revisiting Jay Z’s Kingdom Come, and still, it’s not a good album.

(These paragraphs were originally written as text messages in a conversation about the album.)

The Prelude is one of my favorite intros from Jay Z. I wish the whole album was like this. There’s only a few songs that match this quality, but the rest are some of Jay’s worst songs of his career. His delivery was off on this album.

Oh My God is not a good song to me. The Kingdom Come song had potential to be a great song. The writing of it shows what he wanted it to be, but the execution is subpar. Show Me What You Got: Verses are too good for the hook to be that corny. Lost One is a classic song. That song was made during Black album recordings, and it shows

The mixing on the album has his vocals low with the dub matching the same volume. Puts him in the background of most beats, and makes him appear less confident. Do U Wanna Ride is a good example of that. I think this is because of Dre’s mixing on this album. This song could’ve been a classic Jay song. Instead, I just remember what it’s about. Concept versus execution.

30 Something is a corny song. I Made It is always skippable to me. Anything featuring Usher is so corny. There’s nothing effortless about this song. Seems so forced. Hollywood is way too pop, and I like the concept of the song. Trouble and Dig a Hole are diss songs, but they’re bad diss songs. I agree with everything he’s saying on them, but as songs, they weren’t impressive. I love Minority Report. Wish it was twice as long. It deserved to be. Beach Chair is perfect.


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