I’m Nash, the creator of nashp.com and many musical soundtracks. I’ll be your favorite secret artist, who also writes good stories. I’ll trade you some words for a coffee.


Paragraphs. Just write paragraphs. Put words on the screen. Not so hard. Some days it’s effortless. Some days it’s impossible. Just write.

I’m back at work. Weather’s supposed to get bad. But it was supposed to get bad last night too. I did sleep better because of the rain, but it wasn’t bad enough to wake me up.

I sold my iPhone 7 Plus last night, with the broken screen. I used Facebook Marketplace (the new easiest way to sell things), I tried selling it for $500 for over a month. Everyone refused that price and wanted it for a hundred cheaper. A month later, I raised the price to $600 and sold it a week later for five.

Mugshots and Coffee Addictions

My day has three key points, with similar breaks in between.

  • Oh great, it’s breakfast. I’ll fix some coffee to start my day.’

  • HashtagLunchtimeCoffeeTime!’

  • Almost time for bed, think I’ll fix me another coffee.’

Cafes, drive-throughs, church, work: it’s become an all-day process. Coffee is either with me or waiting for me. At home, to say that I’m a minimalist, I’m also a coffee-hoarder. I didn’t even know there was such a thing, until I started organizing the kitchen in my new apartment.

The first step is admitting (I say this while taking another sip). I had my own little intervention, as I laid everything out in the open: I counted an Expresso machine, an old-fashion-dripping-pot, a Frenchpress, an electric kettle, a coffee grinder, an Areopress, a Keurig, 50 K-Cups, creamers (powder ones, liquid ones), fresh beans, filters, half bags of old coffee grounds, caramel flavored Latte foam—and the list keeps going.

A year ago, my friend mentioned that, one day, we should open up our own coffee shop, and it’s as if I’ve been preparing the inventory for it ever since.

It is better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation. — Herman Melville

Apple Services (TV and Music subscriptions)

With Apple hiring the two Sony executives, I see them creating a service like Amazon Prime. $10+ a month for Apple Music and Apple TV. A Spotify and Netflix competitor in one. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you’re already getting original content: Carpool Karaoke, several big music documentaries, as well as the back catalog of the Beats 1 shows. Not to mention they’re known for signing deals for albums to be exclusive. When you add all of this together, the writing is on the wall.


Today is day two of this journal method. Don’t overthink it. Just write. This isn’t meant to be the typical blog post. Just me starting my morning. The link address will simply be the date (6-17-17).

I’m trying the local breakfast cafe (Huddle House) near my house again. Have to be to work in 30 minutes. Coffee and two pancakes,” as I walk in and before I sit down. I’ll write this journal entry while waiting, and it’ll be public before I clock into work.

Today is day 4 of my new work schedule. I’m calling it the fourth quarter (4 work days, 3 off days). I’ll be off until Wednesday after I clock out today. The concept of four quarters has made me focus a lot better at work, and not slack off during any of the quarters. This four-quarter basketball concept is so me. It fits with the way I think. Hopefully I can keep this schedule for a long time. It’s not guaranteed though.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. I’m planning to take a three-hour trip and surprise my dad in the morning. That means I’ll miss church, and I’ll have to hurry back in time for small group at 5:30pm. I’m also undecided if I want to take my little brother to ride with me. I’m sure he’d enjoy the road-trip.

I recorded two songs last night. Didn’t lay down until midnight, and I don’t think I slept for more than an hour at a time once I did fall asleep. Not much rest, but knowing I’m off for three days will help me push through.

The Defiant Ones (Trailer)

Opportunities (Friday, June 16th)

I see the opportunities in front of me. I see the accomplishments, I see the untapped potential: it’s all there for me to be proud of, while still remaining hungry. I am a vessel. I am more. Look around you, look at all of the good things, and all of the bad things—it’s there, laid out for you to acknowledge and appreciate. It’s always more important when you lose it.”

Friday, June 16th

Good morning. Apple just hired Sony executives (same ones that produced Breaking Bad and Netflix’s The Crown) for their own original video content goals, Amazon just bought Whole Foods, our favorite healthy grocery store, and it’s only 8:30 in the morning.

I’m sitting at the coffee shop, drinking my first cup, podcast are playing in my ear, as I prep a few of my key apps (Things, Ulysses). I’m beginning my morning with planning and writing out ideas and things that need to be done. I have a few projects coming, you should see the first one Monday morning.

iOS 11 is currently on my iPad, and although its buggy in its Beta form, it completely changes the way I think about the iPad. Before this Beta, I had already pushed the iPad to its limit, and was using its limitations to my advantage to brew creativity. But now, with all of this new power iOS 11 has given me, I haven’t even scratched the surface on what this little device is capable of. The future is very bright for the iPad.

My new schedule is something I’m really enjoying. It’s almost too good to be true. I moved to a new town recently, and moved to a new location at my job. I got a new apartment (here’s some pictures of it), and I live walking distance to the coffee shop I’m currently writing at. My schedule, which started this week, is work Wednesday through Saturday, and then I’m off Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday—a three day weekend, every week. The thought of this much time off at once is liberating. Even when I was getting two days off, they were rarely next to each other, but now, each week has a mini-vacation connected to it. What can I do with this time? Is this the perfect opportunity to finally go to college? Get another job? Become a body builder? So many options.

It’s always more important when you lose it

I made a music video this week. A lot of the music I’ve recorded this year has been without drums. As I build out this new album, I expect this to continue. Is it possible that I can make an entire album without drums, and instead, just pianos, guitars, and other instruments? That’s what I’m working on.

The Chris Paul Rockets Conspiracy

Chris Ryan is thinking Chris Paul could go to the Rockets instead of the Spurs. He does the homework and breaks down why this could be a thing. I don’t believe it, but I appreciate the investigating. I still think Spurs. No matter where he goes, this quote is what I’ve been saying about him leaving the Clippers and that extra money on the table:

Being Chris Paul is all the leverage Chris Paul needs, right? Maybe a shot at a ring is worth $50 million to him.

Chris Ryan ultimately agrees with me:

San Antonio makes the most sense for Paul. He becomes an immediate and huge upgrade at point guard, plays for a team that takes winning basketball games as seriously as he does, and plays for a coach who knows how to navigate a season in order to peak in the playoffs.

Thoughts On Apple (WWDC 2017)

Here’s a recap of everything Apple announced at WWDC:

(Or here’s the entire keynote.)

My iPad will be getting the biggest facelift ever with this new update, where iOS 11 has become even more powerful and can now replace a computer better than before. With an actual dock at the bottom now, that I can access it anytime by pulling up from the bottom of the screen, no matter what app or location I’m in. And if I keep pulling up, it brings me to the new multitasking screen, a screen that’ll be my new central hub for navigating around. The iPad even has drag and drop now.

iOS 11 also received a Files app, that manages your files across all cloud services. Because of this, I’ve been moving everything to iCloud Drive again, and trying to move away from Dropbox, to remove a redundant bill.

And here’s how it looks on the iPhone

The HomePod was the last thing announced on stage: a $350 speaker that competes with Amazon Echo and Sonos. I’m skeptical on this product: the name caught me off guard, in a bad way, and the limited amount that Siri can do also worries me. I hope to learn more in the upcoming months that’ll sway me towards wanting this, because I love the the thought of this kind of speaker in my apartment.