A Beam of Light

Morning Coffee 104: April 8th

Good morning. Just finished walking home from the coffee shop. Rose wanted to race me a few times. Ready steady go!” Then I had to hold her as I walked while she rested on my chest to catch her breath. Spent the last week running bridges and doing daily workouts. Also been playing the Metal Gear Solid series (the first one from the original PlayStation and Phantom Pain on the PS5). Also just finished Netflix’s 3 Body Problem (Thought it would be much better. Wish I could have that time back now). As always, I hope this letter finds you well.

Table of Contents

  1. Arcade Update
  2. Using Streaks
  3. A Beam of Light

Arcade Update

Almost there. Bondo. T-Molding. Three-in-one power strip. Lauan. Paint. All the little details to finish up. It’s been fun streamlining the process. Should have the finished product next week.

Using Streaks

Meditating. Log weight. Time in daylight. Run two miles. Log food (but also burn more calories than I consume). One hundred push-ups. One hundred sit-ups. Six different habits being tracked daily using the Streaks app. The ones with the hearts next to them are monitored automatically, thanks to the Health app (which is connected to the Apple Watch and my scale).

A Beam of Light

That little orange button on the side of the watch. I use it constantly throughout the week. For one simple thing. A flashlight. There’s always a dark area to walk through. When Rose wakes up, or when I need a bottle of water in the middle of the night, or if I’m leaving my office and walking back into the house. As soon as I enter a dark space, without thinking, I press the little orange button and a beam of light brightens up the area. I’m still fascinated by how simple and quick this process is.

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