The Sequential Life

Morning Coffee 105: April 15th

Good morning. Sitting in the car writing while Rose naps and Olivia skateboards. Fried fish for dinner (Here’s a video of my dad catching them). The last two days I ran four miles each, doubling what I usually run (Over the bridge. Through the town. Through the tunnel. Through the neighborhood. To the coffee shop). The Box: Playing Balatro, Alan Wake 2 and Final Fantasy VII. Started watching Fallout on Prime Video. As always, I hope this letter finds you well.

Table of Contents

  1. Emulating Stories
  2. The Sequential Life

Emulating Stories

I spent a lot of time last week organizing ROMs. It’s a task that doesn’t require a lot of thought, and it’s easy to tinker with while doing my real job. In MinUI on the Miyoo Mini Plus, I organized folders and collections, and simplified the look of each console (see the photo above). On the Steam Deck, I spent time organizing Emulation Station. On both the Steam Deck and the MacBook, I installed Syncthing (similar to Dropbox), allowing me to transfer over folders full of ROMs (PSX and Switch ROMs).

The Sequential Life

A combination of analysis paralysis and the Zeigarnik Effect lead me to reimplement OmniFocus into my workflow. I’ll be using it mostly for games and shows, simply because of the sequential projects feature. With sequential projects, even though there’s thirty task inside of a project, only the next action is shown. I can’t see episode five until episode four is complete, so the only task shown is episode four. I wish Things would have this simple feature, but until then, OmniFocus will get the job done.

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Made 100 coffees in a row. Made a gaming page with a 1989 photo of me. Released two books on Amazon. Celebrating Rose turning two. Working from home for a big company. Writing a newsletter every Monday morning. Last updated: March 7th, 2024.

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