Delta Is Here

Morning Coffee 106: April 22nd

Good morning. Writing you from a hotel lobby. Only had my phone with me, and now Rose is watching cartoons on the phone, so this newsletter is being outlined on the receipt paper from the cold brew order. We walked here from the skate park, where Olivia and Isaac are still skating, where Sleepy Silver Door was playing, and where all the other kids were doing very impressive tricks on bikes, boards, and scooters. As always, I hope this letter finds you well.

Table of Contents

  1. Delta is Here
  2. Delta + Backbone + Apple TV
  3. Reddit Discussions

Delta Is Here

Delta has arrived. An app from Riley Testut that’s been in development for about a decade now is finally official (thanks to Apple’s new App Store policy). It’s an app that lets you play all the classics: Mario, Zelda, and any other game that was on your NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, and Nintendo DS. Here’s a video from Retro Gaming Corps (my favorite person to follow for this stuff) that walks you through the setup process.

Delta + Backbone + Apple TV

Now that Delta is on the iPhone, I can now attach the Backbone controller to the phone, and send whatever’s on my phone to the TV through AirPlay, turning this entire setup into the most minimal gaming console ever. Every game from our childhood is now on the TV, with not a single wire making any of this happen.

Reddit Discussions

I stopped using social media for a while now, but I was still looking for a replacement for Artifact ever since it shut down. I found the answer in the form of Reddit. Discussing current topics that I’m writing about in each specific subreddit. I’ll be experimenting with different posts there, like I did recently with Delta. If ten year old me could see this home console was a hit. As of writing this, 707 upvotes, 116 comments, and 120 shares. The numbers don’t matter as much as having a current topic from this newsletter being discussed. It brings everything full circle: Take something I’m currently interested in, write about it here, have a conversation around it there, which will slowly bring people from there, here.

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