A New Reeder

Morning Coffee 112: June 3rd

Good morning. In the kitchen making a coffee before going run. Olivia is editing wedding photos on the couch, and Rose is watching Arthur. She learned about Arthur from making puzzles (her new favorite hobby). She sits there and works on puzzles all day now. Fascinating watching her little mind put all those pieces together. As always, I hope this letter finds you well.

Table of Contents

  1. A New Reeder
  2. And For My Last Trick

A New Reeder

For the past week, I’ve been privately testing a new Reeder app by Silvio Rizzi (maker of the older Reeder and my wife’s favorite recipe app, Mela). Silvio announced back in February that he was working on a new app: It’s not just an RSS reader. The app allows you to access content from various other sources like Podcasts, YouTube, Mastodon, and more.”

New blogs and articles, YouTube videos, and podcasts that I follow, all inside of one single app. All the places that I usually gather information from, is now managed inside of Reeder. I’ve been experimenting and seeing if it can replace all my favorites, like Overcast, Matter, Reeder, YouTube and Reddit.

As I scroll through new content, I can save it to Later, Bookmark, or Favorite. I also added a few tags to better organize items I want to reference in the future. It’s a universal app (iOS and Mac), so the same information is on any of my devices that I pickup.

Reeder isn’t available to the public just yet, but keep an eye out for it, because it should be releasing to the world very soon.

And For My Last Trick

Eminem released his new single Houdini this past week, from his upcoming album The Death of Slim Shady. Houdini is a callback to so many moments from early in his career, mostly from the Without Me music video. So much nostalgia packed into one song.

Eminem is very polarizing, and won’t be for everyone, but if you grew up with him, this video will feel right at home for you. It’s impressive to see that it’s the number one trending song on YouTube right now, and ranked number two worldwide on Apple Music, right behind Kendrick’s Not Like Us (See also Kendrick v Drake).


Last week, the family went on a weekend vacation, and I wrote about my packing process. On May 20th, I wrote about my new Gameboy. May 13th was a big recap of Kendrick v Drake. And on May 5th, I showed off the arcade machine we built.

  1. Rustic Sky
  2. A Bear That Blogs
  3. Kendrick v Drake
  4. A Home Arcade

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