Dancing with the Stars

Morning Coffee 19: August 22nd, 2022

Just arrived at Downtown Jeaux. Americano and MacBook. After writing this, we’ll be headed to New Orleans for the day. Let’s begin.

Table of Contents

  1. Dancing With the Stars
  2. One App, One Job

The Box

Dancing with the Stars

Two nights ago, I had the opportunity to work for Junior Auxiliary of Houma’s Dancing With The Stars. I had one camera filming the entire performance on a tripod, while another camera was taking the photos (Chase had another camera on a gimbal, filming as he moved around). I ended the night with over 1,500 photos that I’ll be editing this week.

One App, One Job

I’m constantly studying new apps and systems. I keep thinking there’s a perfect app that can handle every single area of my life. I’m slowly learning that that’s the wrong way of thinking, and I should embrace the power of multiple apps.

Instead of each area of my life separated by folders in the same app, that separation is now in a completely different app. This is allowing me to be more nimble with my thinking and organizing. Now, when I notice that one app is handling multiple jobs, I’m brainstorming on what different app, that doesn’t have a job yet, could handle that workload.

I’m still early in my thinking with this, and I’ll probably expand on this better down the road, but I figured I’d share what I have now anyway.

  • Ulysses: Blog/Newsletter
  • Apple Notes: Family notes
  • Blog code: GitHub
  • Sofa: Consumption lists
  • Notion: Bills/Subscriptions
  • Fantastical: Personal, family, and work calendar
  • Up Ahead: Release dates/events
  • Matter: Reading list
  • Things: Task manager
  • Roam Research: New studio albums

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