I Turned 27 Today and That Scares Me

Time seems to be moving faster every year. It feels like I was just thanking everyone for wishing me a happy 26th birthday, and now I feel guilty for thanking you all again. It’s as if I cheated the system, and somehow got an extra year of birthday wishes.

I could remember as a kid when a year would feel like forever, and waiting for the next summer-vacation felt too far away to even worry about.

But now, my weeks feel like days, and my years feel like months — time has become a blur.

Maybe it’s our busy lives that ruined everything.

If I could ask for one birthday wish, it’d be to slow down time. I don’t want money or presents. Just give me enough time to enjoy my brothers and sisters while they’re still young and bored.

They’re only kids now, but if time stays at this pace, they’ll soon be moving on, and starting their own families, and time will be working against them too. They’ll be trying to keep up with their crazy schedule, and instead of hanging out, we’ll all be just a little too busy for each other.

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