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Morning Coffee 40: January 16th, 2023

Good morning. Just arrived at the coffee shop. Importing photos on the MacBook while I type out today’s newsletter on the iPhone. Have a few little topics I’ll be covering today: services, weight, and journaling. Let’s begin.

Table of Contents

  1. What services are you using?
  2. Health and Activity Log

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Reader Request

If you have a topic you want me to cover, or if you have a question, let me know.

What services are you using?

A reader asked me about all the services that I’m using. This area grows and shrinks often. That’s what I enjoy about services: it’s an as-needed commitment. Here’s a breakdown of what I’m currently using.





Apple One is a service that fits into many of these categories, with iCloud, Apple TV+, Fitness+, and Apple Music.

Health and Activity Log

A glimpse at how the scale is looking and how I’m keeping track of my days

Happy Scale

Depth Update: Above is how my weight’s been doing in Happy Scale the last 30 days. The line drop has been from being hyper-focused on my diet, and getting at least one run in each day. Still a long way to go. Just have to keep showing up.

Activity Log

I’ve tried many different ways of journaling. My latest version is a simple Apple note, with a bullet list under each day. When it’s time to journal now, I just reflect on the few things I did the day before.

Doing this type of activity log is helpful for holding myself accountable with the goals I have this year. I can see at a glance if my days are going as planned, if I missed a day of running, or if I ate something healthy or heavy.

I’m looking for patterns. Even though I have goals, a few days can slip by without knowing where the time went. This little log is an easy way to monitor this. I’m now able to reflect on the previous day and see if I’m still on the right trajectory.

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