A Lens Blur, A Time Blur

Morning Coffee 8: June 6, 2022

I feel like I’m moving at a faster pace the last few days. My schedule is completely full, and I’ve been moving through each hour with different roles to focus on. Feeling sharp. I’ll be knocking out this newsletter to start the rest of my day. Have a lot going this week. Let’s begin.

Table of Contents

  1. A Lens Blur
  2. A Second Lens
  3. Photoshoots
  4. Time Tracking
  5. Running
  6. Trade Coffee
  7. WWDC

A Lens Blur

I have four different photoshoots to edit in the next two days. I love how much the roles flip, from when you have the camera in hand with a crowd, versus when you’re sitting down in front of the screen ready to edit. It’s two totally different jobs, each one with its own reward. I have so many great photos that were captured over the last few days. Keep an eye on nashp.com/photos to see those.

A second lens

When I leave here, I’ll be going purchase my second lens for the Sony A7iii. The FE 50mm F1.8. After spending a month with the 28-70, I’ve learned its strengths and limitations. Adding this 50mm will be the same thing. It’ll give me another look for my work.


nashp.com/photos - This week has two photoshoots from my little brother. One with VR, another at the park.

Time Tracking

I’ve spent the last few days time tracking and understanding where each minute is going. I currently have it running during this writing session. It keeps me focused, and then gives a chart throughout the day of how effective I’m being.

It took photography to get me into time tracking, because I needed to know how much time I’m spending on clients, but I’m using it for all areas of my life, which has me doing every task with more intention.

If you’re looking to do this too, all you’ll need is the Timery app, and a Toggl account to login.


The last few days, I’ve did a two mile run that ended with me outside the coffee shop. Instead of running back to my house, I run a direction that gives me the reward of being at my favorite place to write. This simple hack motivates me to start my run.

Trade Coffee

Speaking of coffee, I’ll be trying Trade Coffee this week. Trade is a service that mails you fresh beans from all the local roasters around the world.

Their mission:

Supporting local communities near and far by connecting coffee drinkers to better coffee.

I also bought a manual grinder on Amazon, and now the beans from Sparrow will arrive today. I look forward to the process of grinding and getting a fresh cup.

The coffee that’s arriving is called Burundi Kayanza:

Translating in English as dreams,” Indoto comes from two-time Cup of Excellence winning Kiryama washing station. In 2017, our import partner, JNP Coffee, known for their work with women owned microlots in Burundi, invested in the washing station. The coffee is produced by some 3,500 small land holders in the country’s Kayanza province, among banana trees, cassava, and beans. JNP was founded by Jeanine Niyonzama-Aroian, to support more inclusive economic development in the country. The business supports growers by sharing knowledge, encouraging innovation, and promoting environmental stewardship. Sparrows loves this coffee for its delicate, silky mouthfeel, seeming all the while robust with its flavors of black tea and dried apricot.

I love that now my beans have a back story.


Normally, the only thing I’d be thinking about today would be WWDC (Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference). Each year, around this time, Apple gets on stage to give us an updated peak into their world. Usually I’d be watching the clock, waiting for the show to start. It’s a fun feeling knowing that I forgot about it until an hour ago. I’ll definitely be tuned in though. I expect big things with iPadOS and iOS.

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