Handhelds and Elbows

Morning Coffee 94: January 29th, 2024

Good morning. Writing you while watching Rose play with her foam blocks. Spent the last few days bedridden. Can’t move my right elbow right now. Two weeks ago, I slipped on icy steps, and my elbow landed on the concrete with nothing to brace the fall. Thought it was just bruised, but a few days ago, it flared up with excruciating pain. Waiting to see the doctor in the next few days. As always, hope this letter finds you well.

Table of Contents

  1. Steam Deck OLED
  2. Rose’s Gameboy

Steam Deck OLED

I’ve owned many gadgets in my life. I’m pretty sure this Steam Deck OLED is already my favorite.

This one device is replacing an Xbox Series X, a Nintendo Switch OLED, a Backbone iPhone remote, and a Retroid Pocket 2S. And even my PS5, that I’ll be keeping, will be used much less (thanks to remote play).

I have every Zelda game on here, all of my Nintendo Switch games, all of my Xbox games (cloud streaming), and all my PlayStation exclusives (remote play). One handheld device for every single game I can think of.

Rose’s Gameboy

Most kids get a tablet or phone to watch their cartoons on. Rose has a Gameboy. (It’s actually called a Retroid Pocket 2S, but I told her it’s a Gameboy. She calls it a Boygame.)

Not only does this Gameboy have all the Marios and Zeldas on it (that she’s slowly learning how to play), but it also has YouTube Kids, with all of her favorite videos.

Best of all, Youtube Kids has a smart download feature, which downloads videos in the background that it thinks she would like. So when leaving the house and not having internet, she still has all of her favorite videos to watch while sitting in the carseat.

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