Removing the Clutter

I’ve simplified my life: I now have less, but it definitely feels like I have more. I guess it’s because I removed anything that didn’t mean much to me—and now, all that’s left is what I treasure deeply. I’ve learned that if you strip away the clutter, only then will you truly appreciate the smaller things that matter the most.

So what exactly is clutter? Clutter can be unneeded possessions that are piling up and getting in the way of the things you’re excited about. Clutter can be people. Clutter can be the past that follows you, and whispers in your ear as you try to move forward with life. Above all, clutter prevents you from feeling free.

When your home and your heart are filled with junk, it makes it hard to breathe. But getting rid of that burden can be the most invigorating moment in your life—and when it happens, it’s as if a layer of film has been removed from your eyes, and every color in the world is now brighter and louder than ever before. Life becomes beautiful again.

You know you are doing well when you lose the interest of looking back.

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