Goruck Echo

I had an Echo many years ago, but gave it to my sister as a going away Army present. After living with the bigger GR1 (26L) for over five years, I decided to go back to this smaller version. The 16L Goruck Echo.

The Echo isn’t even sold by Goruck anymore, so I had to find one on the Goruck subreddit, where people buy, sell, and trade their Goruck bags. Since I already owned this bag, I knew exactly what I was getting. I knew that if possible, this is the bag I wanted to live with again.

The Echo, and the bigger version, the GR1, are nearly identical, just one’s bigger. That’s what made this decision easy for me. The bigger GR1 was perfect for when including outfits and shoes while traveling, but that’s no longer my story. I needed its smaller discontinued sibling.

I needed a more compact bag. One that gives me just enough space for my daily things. My iPad Pro, keys, AirPods, Kindle, Field Notes, GoPro, wallet, glasses, and contacts.

Here’s Some Photos of My New Bag.

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Highlights from my Kindle