The Dragon and the Emoji Princess (By Nash Pitre and Nicole Verdin)

Creative Writing Assignment: Write about the dragon who rescued the princess from the night.


The double-headed dragon heard her whispers. They weren’t even directed towards him, but he heard them anyway. She needed help, she was trapped, and the ones who usually protected her were no longer breathing. She was alone, so she spoke to the window, as if speaking to it would set her free. She would quietly convince those bars to bend, setting her free from everything wrong in the world.


She imagined those bars bending as she ran home. A home that she hasn’t seen in years, and if only she could create an opening wide enough to slide her cartoony-yellow body through, she’d escape and never look back.

👸🏼 🦄 🤦🏼‍♀️

The princess decided to be a majestic unicorn. The night was transforming her into her deepest desires, and I guess that desire was to be a white and pink unicorn. The dragon was running out of time. If he didn’t save her from herself, she would wind up being any and every Emoji on the keyboard. Impulsive rage would take over.


A cow was her second decision. Maybe she was hungry. The dragon saw this in his mind, and it disappointed him. He wanted to save a princess, not a cow. This made him exhausted with the task at hand, but he already committed to this mission, so he couldn’t stop now.


A frog was her final transformation. She went from being a beautiful, but dumb emoji girl, to an ugly, but brilliant little frog. The whispers turned into ribbits, and she hopped right out the window, and directly into the dragon’s mouth. She was dinner.

The end.

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