Five Changes

Recently, I took a step back from my site and looked at it from a different perspective. When I did this, I saw more noise than I would’ve liked.

So I asked myself:

  • What could be done better?
  • How can I simplify the process?
  • How can it run smoother?
  • How can I add more joy and value?

The good thing is, the foundation is there, so it’s much easier to find ways to improve. The best advice I can give someone that wants to create is to just start. Figure the rest out along the way, but just start. The new changes aren’t perfect, but they don’t have to be. Iterate and optimize. I’m not afraid to shift the direction of what I’m working on, because my intentions are simple: keep building and let the results speak.

Here’s the five changes I’ve made:

  • Network: a minimal recap of the noise. I looked at my routine of posts each month, and the hierarchy was blurred. It was hard to tell what was important and what was just a new movie trailer. Network removes that clutter.

  • The Loop: a new song every day. It’s a podcast, so you subscribe to it, and then you’re notified as soon as the song is released each day. Since launching this, it’s been the first thing I do every morning, and that’ll continue until we reach 360 songs (a loop). Now, there’s only two ways to hear my music (both new and old), either through The Loop, or through the Fan Club.

  • Fan Club: for those who want more. It’s main purpose is to support my creations, but I’m making sure there’s as many perks as possible for you, to make it worth your time. My decade worth of music is a good way to start, but discounts on merchandise, and unlimited consulting hours are also available to those who need them.

  • Mailing List: real conversations with the people that care. My mailing list is focused on sending you real, genuine emails that aren’t meant for my website (I sent the first one last week, and the feedback was incredible). They’re meant to be personal and less formal: just me talking to the people that care. And when you reply to the email, it comes directly back to me, and the conversation begins.

  • Consulting: I’m here to help. Just let me know. Writing, blogging, iPhone assistance, Password management, Backing up photos, and whatever else you might need — if you need help with something, my new Help page (or my About page) has a schedule button at the bottom. We’ll get together, and I’ll help you solve whatever problem you’re currently having.

All of this may seem like a lot, but it’s actually less than what I was doing before. My daily process has been reduced to only the essentials. This removes the resistance and friction that made my daily writing feel like work, and now I’m left with just the projects that come natural to me. It all feels liberating.

I hope you like the new changes. Join the mailing list, and let me know which one’s your favorite.

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