Iterating on an Album

It’s been a few months since I opened up any studio sessions and worked on the album. I stashed the album away for awhile, to return to it with fresh ears. The return happened last night.

In March, I Recorded a New Album. Its’ Been Done for Awhile Now. but There’s Phases an Album Goes Through

It went through several phases to get the album where it is now:

  • Phase One: Create (1 week)
  • Phase Two: Collaboration (1 month)
  • Phase Three: Walk Away (1 month)
  • Phase Four: Now Finish (currently)

Creation Phase: took me a week to paint the picture of what this album is. I had these handful of concepts that I was able to knockout in no time.

Collaboration Phase: this is where I brought in dozens of people to come add to the album. Their hands and voices are sprinkled on every song.

Walk Away Phase: after listening to the same songs over and over and finding new ways to build on top of it, it’s important to walk away for awhile. Being too close to the situation and becoming numb to it’s impact isn’t helpful. Walk away, return a month late.

Finish Phase: I’m back on the album, polishing things up and hearing it with fresh ears. Shuffling the deck, like a director, finding what scenes fit best at what moment of the story.

The order has changed 20 times already. This morning’s order is new and refreshing and tells a better story than the one prior. Removing the fat: getting rid of songs that aren’t complete, combining songs that should go together, Reordering songs that sound better closer together. Giving the whole project closure. Right now, this order feels right.

The Illusion of Progress

  1. The Void
  2. Find Ourselves
  3. Beautiful Lie
  4. Guess I’m Fine
  5. Mental Health
  6. The Wave of Life
  7. See You Later

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