Learning How to Build Again

It’s been way too long since I’ve created anything. What starts off as a break, turns into a season, but then becomes almost a whole year of being stagnant. I’ve put a lot of thought into creating again, but it all seems daunting now, compared to how effortless it was before.

My big takeaway lately is to not force it, or more importantly, not force myself to create the same way I once did. I’m not that person anymore. Luckily, I have this sandbox to play in. It doesn’t have to look like anything of the past. So instead of trying to pickup where I left off, I’m now aiming for it to start feeling and looking completely different. It might still turn out looking similar, but my approach will be focused on being fresh. So bare with me as I experiment and have fun again.

Bought a Camera, Going Pro. Got Married and Have a Video to Prove It. Rose Was Born November 12th. Just Lost Our Husky. Last Updated: May 18th, 2022.

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