Make Lists, Improve Your Day

I make list. It’s something I don’t talk about much, but should, because of how critical it is in my life. Here’s what it looks like for me to brainstorm and process my thoughts.

What am I doing now:

  • watching Netflix (Mindhunter)
  • drinking coffee
  • sitting on the couch
  • waiting for the oven to preheat
  • cooking pizza
  • writing this post
  • planning for tonight

That’s what a list usually looks like for me. It helps me think. After making a list, my mind is free, because I’ve structured all of my thoughts, or at least some of them, which then allows me to make another list.

Tonight’s plans:

  • prepare to record video
  • meet at Cross Church, 6 pm
  • carpool to location
  • fish with small group
  • eat po-boys and fried fish

A list structures the noise with hardly any effort. It helps me think about what’s next. Whatever’s on your mind should easily fit inside of a list, or a variety of lists. This will uncover new ideas, solutions to problems, or peace for regaining clarity.

Today is the last day of my vacation. Tomorrow work begins again.

My work schedule this week:

  • Wed: 12-7:30
  • Thurs: 12-7:30
  • Fri: 11:30-7:30
  • Sat: 10-7:30

I was off from work for 10 days. It doesn’t feel like it, because my schedule was so busy, without me even doing anything that was considered an actual vacation.

My simple vacation:

  • running
  • New Orleans
  • wedding
  • small groups
  • church
  • basketball
  • apartment projects

Yesterday, after discussing the remaining weeks of our small groups, we decided to make the rest of the public, mainly because most are things we’d have to plan ahead for anyway.

No Tellin’ Schedule:

  • Oct. 24: Fishing
  • Oct. 31: Outreach
  • Nov. 7: Dancing Pt. 2
  • Nov. 14: 80’s Ball

Those are the last four weeks of a 12-week semester of small groups. It flew by. It always does. So far, I’ve to lead five different small groups.

My Small Group List:

  • Creative Minds
  • BBQ and Basketball
  • Art At The Park
  • Teach Me How To Doodle
  • No Tellin’ Tuesday’s

Each one of these has taught me something new about leading, and I’m excited to lead much more.

I Hope This List-Making-Exercise Helps Your Day.

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