Seeing Progress With My Workouts

This month, I simplified my workouts and my goals for what I want. As someone who never lifted weights, doing a complete workout seemed out of my reach for the moment. I tried to follow some routines, but nothing seemed to stick.

So I gave myself four daily routines to do:

  • At least 3 sets of curls, using my 25 lb. Dumbbells
  • 50 push-ups
  • As many pull-ups I can fit into a day
  • Run a few miles each day

With these four daily routines, I’m aiming to accomplish a few things:

  • Get stronger, with bigger arms and chest
  • From running, lose some body fat
  • From running, have better stamina to run more miles without getting so tired

Those four things might not seem like much, but the pull-ups have become much easier, those Dumbbells are beginning to feel lighter, and now I’m becoming quicker with my runs, as well as with my push-ups.

I feel my chest and my biceps getting tighter and are they’re starting to show some definition. I’m still only at the beginning phase of these goals, but just to see and feel results, that’s a good feeling that I’ve never felt.

I’ve always been in basketball shape, but anything other than that has been too far away and foreign for me to imagine. It feels good to be just a little closer to these goals.

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