My Zone: Official Music Video

January 31st, 2014. I spent the entire day driving back from Texas. I had to drop my dad off, who was turning himself in for a 9 year sentence. I also went see my grandmother. She had a heart attack and wasn’t doing too good (she’s still in the hospital).

It was dark outside when I finally pulled back into my driveway from a 6 hour trip. I only had a few hours until it was time to perform. But when getting out of my car, I realized that the key to my house was still in Texas. There was no way for me to get inside, so I drove to my friend Chase’s apartment and spent what little time I had left getting dressed and preparing for the big night.

So many things could’ve stopped my performance from happening that night, and after everything I went through, this video is proof that no matter how bad it gets, and no matter what challenges you face, if you keep pushing, success is still right there waiting for you.

I’ve been holding onto these recordings since February 1st, and today I finally sat down and decided to make this music video a reality. Editing videos is such an exhausting process, especially for me (I don’t have enough experience with it). But after about 7 hours of editing, here it is.


From the video to the actual song, many people contributed:

For someone like myself, who usually does everything alone, this video showed me what’s possible if you allow others to help. Thank you.

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