Nba Fan

I’m writing to clarify how I view the NBA, which is less of a fandom now, and more of an obsession. Each team that I’ve become a fan of, I obsess over every little detail. And thanks to NBA League Pass, I get to watch many teams, and more importantly, I’m not limited to just the local team (Being forced to be a fan of whatever the local team is, seems to be backwards thinking, and limiting ourselves to the broad range of the global society we have with the internet. Nothing is local anymore, unless you want it to be. I prefer to follow things all around the world).

If it hasn’t been clear who I’m a fan of in the NBA, just search my site to see. Spoiler: it’s Chris Paul. Chris Paul has only been on two teams in his NBA career (Hornets and Clippers), and now three with this upcoming season (Rockets). When Paul left the Hornets, I stopped watched them. When Paul was hurt on the Hornets, I didn’t watch them until he came back. Same for the Clippers. I don’t bounce around to whatever team is winning at the time. I simply follow Chris Paul.

Besides Chris Paul, I was a fan Iverson with the Sixers (Claxton, Hill, Snow, Mutumbo), and I was a fan of the Kings (Webber, Bibby, Peja, Divac, Jackson years). Before that, I was a fan of Michael Jordan. I was too young to understand all the details, but I remember staring at the television while the other kids in the house were doing kids things.

I never got the chance to watch Magic, Bird, Dr. J, Wilkins and all the legends play night after night. If I could’ve, I’m sure I’d obsess over a specific player the same way I do Paul. We have the luxury of following these athletes better than ever. I can stay in the comfort of my home and never miss a CP3 play, and since he’s been in the league, I’ve done just that. Never. Missed. A. Play. True definition of an obsession. If I can go back in time, I would do the same with Michael Jordan, John Stockton, and Steve Nash.

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