Returning From the Blackout

In September, I decided to take a month-long break from my website, I called it November Blackout: the site was shut down for everyone but members. It was originally done to write my book, and even though I made great progress on the book, the month-long break turned out to be a true vacation from writing. Instead, I traveled a lot (flights, hiking trips, 16 hour car rides, etc.), I served in two weddings (best friend’s wedding and my cousin’s wedding), I caught up on sleep, and I ran many miles (calories kept winning the race though). The break became therapeutic for me, but it made me miss my site more than ever.

Intentionally taking a step back from something I’ve done for years now was refreshing, and it gave me a new perspective on writing. I really started to miss my daily outlet—and now, I realize how much I take it for granted, that online voice that I’ve established for myself. To be able to articulate my thoughts in real time, and then share those thoughts with anyone that follows me, is so important to me.

It feels good to be back.

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