When the Satellite Fell

A Soldier’s Journey

When the satellite fell. In a land of no return. The heart was involved, but now there’s no concern. It’s a soldiers journey. The training has made me ambivalent to feelings, and your emotions aren’t part of the mission. If I left you behind, I apologize, but you just weren’t part of the vision that I was given.

It’s hard to be Christian in a world full of sickness. In a world full of hypocrites, I love you anyway. My best attribute is forgiveness. All you see is division. What a beautiful world that we live in, I think to myself, as I refill my prescription. Anxiety inside of me is now more like a friendship that I live with. Thousands of words have been written, just Look at the blisters. Every sentence collectively together tell a story of a person with wisdom. It’s like we’re sitting by the fire reading scriptures, as you quietly listen.

There’s a war in the distance. How did we get here? I call on higher powers to help me out, because I’m just one person trying to figure it out. How to take what I’m thinking, and make it more. From the floor plan, to the door handle: the blueprint’s laid out. This is I what I prayed about, and now it came about. It was written.

When The Satellite Fell. That title was created before the isolation. Before the quarantine. Before the social distance. Prophetic the way that the world crashed and caved in, and everyone stayed in their house, and kept to themselves. I wrote that title months before any of this, then the story wrote itself.


  1. Empty Coordinates
  2. Social Distance
  3. A Soldier’s Journey
  4. Fearless
  5. Generations
  6. Family
  7. Stay Calm

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