Scorpion: My Thoughts and My Version

Drake is back with his new album, Scorpion: a double disc album, with a total of 25 songs. The length and structure of this album allows him to complete his contract obligations with Cash Money.

As a whole, Drake delivered his most complete and mature album with Scorpion. It’s hard to find flaws here, other than the length being too long, and it being split into a rap album and an R&B album. I don’t think the goal should be to separate the two personalities. Instead, blend those two personalities throughout the album, so the listener never knows the difference. Don’t make it black and white, live in the gray area.

Nash Edition

One of my favorite things about making my own music is that last 10% of work: deciding the order of the songs, cutting the ones that don’t fit the flow of the project, and tightening up the package so the sound is cohesive from start to finish. That’s what I did here. Drake gave us enough material here to be our own DJ with the songs.

  1. Survival
  2. Elevate
  3. Nonstop
  4. Summer Games
  5. 8 Out Of 10
  6. Emotionless
  7. In My Feelings
  8. Final Fantasy
  9. March 14
  10. God’s Plan
  11. Sandra’s Rose
  12. Nice For What
  13. Talk Up (ft. Jay-Z)
  14. That’s How You Feel
  15. Can’t Take A Joke
  16. Don’t Matter To Me (ft. MJ)
  17. Jaded
  18. Finesse
  19. Is There More

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