The Loop: 013. Keep Chasing After Your Dreams

Work Ethic

NASHP - It Feels Different (Music Video)

NASHP - I Hope (Music Video)

It’s always more important when you lose it

NASHP - I Always Mean Well

Pilot (cleaned up a few things)

For My Brother: Three-Year Anniversary

NASHP - Gaining Speed

NASHP - Flickering Lights (Music Video)

NASHP - Wheels Up (Music Video)

Announcing my band: Forcefields and Freedom

The Mask (Live) and the matching shirt

Love Ain’t Here (The Mask)

How To Be Human

Creative Minds Presents: The Mask - Side B (Boy Once Blind Edition)

The Conversation

Why I’m only a writer and not a producer

The Mask

Countdown to The Mask (part two)

Countdown to The Mask

NASHP - Through the Hard Times

nashp - Anakin

The Hero Dies

Helping Leroy

Geez Louise

I See It (New Beginning)

So Loud!

When You Fall Down

Losing Streak

The Perfect Storm by NASHP

The Purge by NASHP

Bad Religion by NASHP

Don’t Try

First Time: a song about a dancer, a video director, and the loudest person

My Zone: Official Music Video

Last Call For The Alcoholics by NASHP

Lies: 1984 by NASHP

Dear Momma

My Zone

Just Paper

The IV is connected to the vein, and the brain is under hypnosis

Anonymous review:

Shoot For The Stars (Inception)