Reduce White Point

Morning Coffee 113: June 10th, 2024

Good morning. Just finished taking the family to the local donut shop (kolaches and pink sprinkled donuts). Headed home to make a coffee (with the Hario V60) and get ready for my second week of training. Today’s also WWDC (A Super Bowl for those who follow Apple). And next week I’ll be writing you while on vacation. As always, I hope this letter finds you well.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Live Events
  3. Backlog
  4. Reduce White Point
  5. Previously

Live Events

These last few days had several live events that I’ve watched. Last week there was PlayStation’s State of Play and Summer Game Fest. Yesterday was Xbox’s 2024 Showcase.

Today is Apple’s WWDC, where they’ll be showing off iOS 18 and all of the new AI features. MacRumors usually gives a good recap of everything announced.


Reading House of Leaves. Watching The Acolyte and House of the Dragon. Playing Starfield and Alan Wake II on the Steam Deck, and Final Fantasy VII on the little Gameboy.

Reduce White Point

Have you ever needed your phone to be dimmer than the lowest brightness? I didn’t think it was needed, or that it was even possible, until recently.

But in a pitch-black room, even the lowest brightness is too bright. That’s where this accessibility feature comes in. I searched through accessibility, and discovered the Reduce White Point feature, and learned a few tricks that would help dim the screen even more.

To find it, go to Settings, Accessibility, Display & Text Size, Reduce White Point. But I turned this option into two shortcuts (Dim, Bright), and then an automation that dims the screen when it’s time for bed, and brightens it when the sun comes up.

After downloading those two shortcuts, create an automation shortcut that runs the Dim Screen shortcut when bedtime starts, and then create another automation that runs the Dim Screen at sunrise.


Last week, I wrote about a new Reeder app. On May 27th, I wrote about how I packed for a weekend vacation. On May 20th, I wrote about my new Gameboy. May 13th was a big recap of Kendrick v Drake. And on May 5th, I showed off the arcade machine we built.

  1. A New Reeder
  2. Rustic Sky
  3. A Bear That Blogs
  4. Kendrick v Drake
  5. A Home Arcade

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