A Camera Changes Everything

Morning Coffee 4: May 9th, 2022

It’s 6:30 AM. At Downtown Jeaux coffee shop. Arcade Fire’s new album WE is playing in the AirPods. I have a lot to say about photos today. Let’s begin.

Table of Contents

  1. Becoming a Pro
  2. Organizing Photos
  3. The Heart Part 5
  4. The Beauty of Dune

Becoming a Pro

I’ve always had an eye for photography. I love capturing the world around me and freezing life into a still moment. This has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. It’s probably rooted from my childhood, watching my grandma carry around a big VCR camcorder everywhere she went, filming our every move.

Last week, we made an investment. We purchased a Sony a7iii. Our first professional camera. I’ve prided myself on only using an iPhone camera for so long (I love how this little device in our pocket can create incredible images), but I knew that it was time to take it a step further. After a decade of photography being a hobby, I’m ready for it to be a job. I want this to be a family business, where my wife, daughter, and siblings can help me as I help others.

For now, I’ll humbly keep my head down with this new camera and focus on building out my portfolio, but I’m as ready as I’ll ever be to make you my next client. I’m not new to this, it’s just a new camera. Keep me in mind for the future.

Schedule a photo session here.

A Two-Step Process For Organizing Photos

My photos app is getting out of hand. I’m taking more pictures than ever, but I rarely get around to cleaning up the ones I don’t want. This constantly leaves me with thousands of junk photos.

I have a new two-step plan to change this:

  1. This is your month — My photos date back many years now, so the plan is to focus on the month at hand. In the photos app, there’s a search button: type in the current month, and every photo ever taken in that specific month will show up. That’s the focus. That way, even if I happen to not get around to it during a busy month, eventually, that month will come back around, and I’ll clean it up next time around. 12 months, 12 jobs: clean up your month.
  2. Favorite, delete, unfavorite — Once I search for the current month, I’ll go through every photo that was taken in the month and favorite any photo that I don’t want to disappear after this process. After favoriting everything, I’ll delete anything that doesn’t have a heart next to it. Afterwards, unfavorite everything.

This two step process seems like a good workflow that’s sustainable for the long run.

Suns lose to Mavs Twice

Last time I wrote something about the Suns, they were tied with the Pelicans, at 2-2. It happened again here with the Mavericks: after two losses in Dallas, the Suns are once again in a series tied 2-2.

These last two games were horrible for the Suns, especially for Chris Paul: Game 3 was all turnovers, Game 4 was foul trouble and being fouled out, causing him to barely play.

The Suns definitely have to play better, and I have complete confidence that they will. They’re the better team, they just haven’t shown it on the road. I fully expect a dominant performance tomorrow night in Phoenix, putting the Suns one game away from moving on to the Conference Finals.

Anyone panicking hasn’t seen this team’s resilience all year.

The Heart Part 5

Kendrick Lamar is gearing up to release his new album this week. Before his albums, he usually releases The Heart”: a song that’s not on the album, but prepares you for what’s coming.

The Beauty of Dune

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