100 Coffees

Morning Coffee 100: March 11th, 2024

Good morning. Big day. 100 Mondays in a row. Spent the last few weeks making sure all hundred posts are tidy. Currently at Jeaux. Medium roast and beignet bites. Rose is coloring on index cards while I’m writing in Field Notes. As always, I hope this letter finds you well.

100 Coffees

April 18th, 2022 - March 11th, 2024

The visions are clear now. I see possible futures, all at once. — Paul Atreides


Apr. 18th, 2022 - Jun. 20th, 2022

Why Mondays

A Cheap Projector

Make Gifts

A Camera Changes Everything

New Motivation

Today Is My Birthday

Yelling into the Void

A Lens Blur, A Time Blur

Hard Work Pays Off

My First Father’s Day


Jun. 27th, 2022 - Aug. 29th, 2022

We Are the Energy

Happy 4th of July

Emoji Folders

Upgrading the Newsletter

5000 Photos

A Tiny Gameboy

Space Between Time

Military Backpack

Dancing With the Stars

Up Ahead


Sep. 5th, 2022 - Nov. 7th, 2022

Organizing Health

Dynamic Island

On This Day

System Thinking

The Traveling Drone


Crates and Presets

Sharing Sofa

Robots Painted This

Showing Up and Looking Forward


Nov. 14th, 2022 - Jan. 16th, 2023

Rose Turns One

What’s Holding All This Together

The Partitions

Easy Mode


The Best Of

The Story of 2022

The Year of Depth

The Great Consolidation

Reader Request


Jan. 23rd, 2023 - Mar. 26th, 2023

Selective Sync

 Getting Things Done

My Writing Workflow

15 Months

The Shrine Hunter

The Architect

The Return of Mixtapes

Building a Studio

The Beauty of Chapters

It’s All Projects


Apr. 3rd, 2023 - Jun. 5th, 2023

An Open Field

Move Fast and Break Things

Every Monday For An Entire Year

The Perfect Day

The Ghost

My Favorite Computer

Rose Turns 18 Months

This is Plastic

Habit Stacking Marathon

Ready Player One


Jun. 12th, 2023 - Aug. 14th, 2023

Time is Shrinking

Hole in the Wall

Sunday Sabbaticals

How to Pack

How to Build a Website


The Bigger Story

Folders and Bridges

Preparing For The Stars

The Box Comes Alive


Aug. 21st, 2023 - Oct. 23rd, 2023

A Stack of Cards

A Vertical Sling

A Space Story

She’s 22 Months

Areas of Life

Childhood Gaming

One More Quarter

My Sofa Setup

No Console Needed

Eighty Letters


Oct. 30th, 2023 - Jan. 1st, 2024

Preparing the Table

Only the Essentials

You’re TWO

Little Library

Declutter Your Phone

Clear the Deck

How to Build a Book

The Christmas Spirit

50 Things From 2023

The Year of Clarity


Jan. 7th, 2024 - Mar. 4th, 2024

Dots and Boxes

A Refreshed Calendar

How to Make Lists

Handhelds and Elbows

Spatial Computing

A Gamer’s Nightstand

The Big Trade

The Auxiliary Exchange

The Last Two Digits

100 Coffees

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Made 100 coffees in a row. Made a gaming page with a 1989 photo of me. Released two books on Amazon. Celebrating Rose turning two. Working from home for a big company. Writing a newsletter every Monday morning. Last updated: March 7th, 2024.

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